ZORN has been an industry leader in the development and production of top quality, precision light bulbs for technical and medical applications since 1951.

The highly complicated and demanding machines and fixtures necessary for the respective manufacturing tasks have been developed, engineered and produced by ourselves. Our industry automation division evolved from this know-how in 1987.

Roughly 50 employees work to assure top quality standards in all of our business divisions at company headquarters on 3000 square metres of floor space. Greatest possible process reliability in the production sequence necessitates a great deal of expertise and experience. We profit extensively from the knowledge and perception of our employees in this respect.

To a decisive extent, our special positioning within the market and the satisfaction of our customers are due to the quality of our products and services. We provide extensive consultation, precision manufacturing and customer-specific manufacturing, as well as reliable quality.

As a result of technological advances and increasing demand, we´ve expanded our product spectrum to include LED technology. We´re technology leaders in the field of high-precision, miniature incandescent light bulbs, and offer our expertise in the field of precision LED lamps as well.


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